Addressing Gettysburg: July Update

During the Civil War, over 200 students and alumni from a small college in Gettysburg volunteered to serve in the military-against each other. When the war came here, it became the bloodiest conflict in our nation’s history.

For the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, History Associates and Gettysburg College, then called Pennsylvania College and located right in the midst of the conflict, challenged Northern Light to produce a cinematic experience encouraging visitors to reconsider the aftermath of the bloody Civil War then and today. An innovative narrative is shaped by the examination of the human price paid to preserve the union and the ongoing struggles slavery’s mark have left upon our nation’s identity.

Students, professors and Steven Spielberg offer compelling observations that weave an inspirational reexamination of our nation’s character. The film provides a window on how Gettysburg College uses its immediate connection to history as a comprehensive tool for educating the next generation of engaged citizens.

The film will play at the Majestic Theater throughout the summer.


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