April Update: NLP Does Espionage (Again)

“They say you’re judged by the strength of your enemies.”
- James Bond, “Quantum of Solace.”
Courtesy of the International Spy Museum

Courtesy of the International Spy Museum

Northern Light recently produced all the media for the exhibit “Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of James Bond Villains,” for the 50th anniversary of James Bond at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.
The exhibition, designed by Gallagher and Associates, uncovers the evil schemes of the Bond films. Twenty-five films were produced including a five-screen video in the museum lobby, 12 “Bond Assessment” videos that feature scenes from Bond films analyzed by former CIA and FBI agents, “Bond Moments,” where agents tell real-life stories that come close to those of the films, and a series called “Villain Profiles.”

The Villain Profiles take you back to the Cold War to meet Bond’s longest-running rival, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. In “Earth Redesigned” we encounter villains who want to wipe out the human race; in “Murderous Monopolists” we find villains who attempt to control the world by monopolizing information-age technology.

The exhibit area also includes a film by Northern Light on cyber espionage, titled “Weapons of Mass Disruption.” In earlier decades we feared nuclear war and communist infiltration as threats to our national security. Today, computer networks in our homes, businesses and government are targets for infiltration, espionage and attack.

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