Cavalia’s “Odysseo” & Big Top Without Borders

Join us under the big top!


We are very fortunate that Cavalia’s “Odysseo” is now in Boston. This spectacular equestrian circus features ten Guinean acrobats featured in our documentary-in-progress, BIG TOP WITHOUT BORDERS. For six years, we’ve captured their journey, watching them evolve from young amateurs struggling to make it as world-class performers in West Africa to acclaimed professionals on the world stage. On Sunday, September 15th, we will host an exclusive fundraiser for our documentary which will include VIP seats to the matinee show, a buffet meal, a tour of the horse stables, and an opportunity to meet these Guinean stars. You will also see footage from our documentary reflecting their personal journey. We hope to see you there!
Where: The White Big Top, 201 Assembly Square Drive, Somerville, MA
When: September 15, 2013. Show starts at 2pm; VIP reception begins at 12:30pm
Buy tickets: Cavalia’s Odysseo $250 VIP Adult, $150 VIP Child
 Bring five guests and your ticket is free!
(This donation is tax-deductible)


Photo by Michele McDonald

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