February 2013 Update

“I never knew I would see this. It is a good thing to see a dream become a reality.”
-Robert Thrower, Poarch Creek Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Officer

Northern Light recently completed a number of programs for the Kerretv Cuko (Building of Learning), a new museum for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. Tracing their ancestry back to the original Creek Nation that once spanned much of the Southeast, the Poarch have lived in the same part of Alabama for almost 200 years.

The exhibition, designed by Split Rock Studios, speaks to both members of the tribe and outside visitors. Northern Light worked closely with the Poarch to capture the history, voice, and character of a people who have persevered and kept their community together, honoring their traditions while navigating 21st century life. The orientation program is narrated by members of the Poarch community, from youth to seniors, giving it a unique tone as it interprets the past and looks forward to the future.
Northern Light also produced several interactive programs, oral history listening stations, a circular projection loop, ambient audio tracks, and updatable digital slideshows for the exhibit. We felt honored to help interpret the moving and enduring legacy of the Poarch.
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