Hyperion Environmental Learning Center Opens September 16!

On September 16th, 2013 the city of Los Angeles will celebrate the grand opening of the Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center. Northern Light Productions worked in collaboration with Amaze Design and Boston Productions to produce innovative and interpretive media exhibits for the center.

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The Environmental Learning Center is made up of two floors of exhibits that teach grammar and junior high school students about sustainable water management. The first floor gallery focuses on the daily role of water in the visitors’ lives looking at how water is recycled and where the sources of drinking water in the Los Angeles area are. Visitors learn about Los Angeles’ resources for water management and how their daily actions affect their environment.

The second floor examines the reduction of solid waste. Starting off the second floor experience is a living room made of recycled materials, with a video profiling L.A. youth who have spearheaded recycling and waste reduction programs at their schools.

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Exhibits at the center are interactive and encourage visitors not only to improve their disposal habits, to explore the importance of their own actions in relation to the environment.

The Environmental Learning Center is located at the Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant. The two story building housing the Environmental Learning center was completely renovated- surrounding grounds are eco-friendly with a green roof system, smart controls for irrigation, chilled-beam air conditioning, solar water heater, recycled water use, water free urinals, recycled water used in toilets, skylights that provide natural light to the exhibits, a storm water runoff, wind turbine, as well as a constructed wetland supplied with mosquito fish. The facility is LEED Gold certified.

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Working on the media for the Environmental Learning Center was a real treat for our team. The project included 9 animations, 19 video and audio programs and 14 interactives. Many of us who worked on the project even altered our own lifestyles be more environmentally conscious. We at Northern Light are delighted about the opening of the Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center and are proud to be part of their efforts to educate visitors about leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

To find out more about the Environmental Learning Center, visit: http://www.lacitysan.org/ELC/home/index.htm

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