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Last week we screened a short fundraising piece for a documentary-in-progress by one of our own.

Michaela O’Brien, Northern Light AP extraordinaire, traveled to Bogotá, Colombia in October 2010 to film at the Hogares Luz y Vida orphanage. She observed the inner workings of the orphanage and documented the work being done to care for one hundred permanent residents, most with serious disabilities or terminal illnesses. The film has evolved into a portrait piece which explores the day-to-day lives of these children and gives insight into their outlook on life.

Michaela will be launching a Kickstarter campaign early next year to help fund further production in Colombia, and hopes to continue gathering interviews and filming with some of the incredible children, nurses, and staff members she met during her last trip.

For Northern Light, this was a great opportunity to see Michaela’s personal project and offer critical feedback and advice. We are all looking forward to the successful funding and completion of “Luz y Vida” (“Light and Life”).

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