NLP at the Massachusetts Media Expo

The MPC Media Expo, held last Saturday at WGBH, was a huge success and exceeded expectations with a turnout of 40 exhibitors and over 500 attendees that came to share their knowledge of the industry and connect with new and old friends. The evening ended with the premier screening of Whitey Bulger: The Making of a Monster. So many people wanted to attend the screening that both the Yawkey and Frasier theaters were overflowing. The screening was followed by a panel moderated by Susan Gray of NLP and featured our very own Ben Avishai and Dan Mooney. We also heard from Dick Lehr, David Boeri, Steve Davis, and Lindsey Cyr who were all interviewed in the film.



Northern Light produced this documentary building on our work for the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. We created over 30 short video programs for the museum, one of which was a 4 minute film on Whitey Bulger, the former Boston crime boss. “That was just the tip of the iceberg,” said director/producer/writer Ben Avishai. “This longer documentary is still the tip of the iceberg, but at least it’s a bigger tip..” Ben went on to explain that it would have been easy to make a 2 hour documentary with the amount of information that was available and the different angles to explore, but it was necessary to make some hard choices to get it down to a manageable 43.5 minutes. “We really dug deep into the content during the research phase, but it was the only way to do the story justice.”

The film focuses on the mindset of Whitey and the inner psychological workings of this infamous, sociopathic killer. The trial is scheduled to begin on June 6th right here in Boston, that is unless it gets delayed again. Until then we’re eagerly awaiting the TV premiere on Investigation Discovery.
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