Northern Light Makes a Monster

James “Whitey” Bulger is to stand trial on June 6th, just blocks away from one of his alleged murders in South Boston. In June 2011, Bulger was found and captured in Santa Monica after being on the lam for 16 years. During the search, the FBI aired TV spots in Germany and investigated sightings in Ireland.  All the while, Whitey was hiding out in our California backyard.

In 1967, Whitey Bulger became a player in the South Boston Irish Mob. By the late 1970s, you could say he was The Player, and by the mid 1980’s, he was the most powerful mobster in Boston. He organized Southie, took over the Winter Hill Gang, and is alleged to have killed 19 people. What makes him unique in the annals of organized crime, however, is that because of a deal forged with FBI agent John Connolly, Whitey essentially had the FBI working for him. This, combined with the fact that his brother, Billy, was President of the Massachusetts State Senate, made Whitey one of the most protected mob bosses in history.


On Saturday, March 23rd WGBH Boston will be hosting the MCP Massachusetts Media Expo where Northern Light Productions will be screening Whitey Bulger: The Making of a Monster, with a Q&A to follow. The event will also feature a panel moderated by Lisa Strout, MA Film Office Director, a casting seminar lead by top casting agent Angela Peri, founder of Boston Casting, and Donna Sommers, head of SAG Boston, as well as a directing seminar with James Mottern. The expo will take place from 12:30-7:00 pm with at least 500 people expected to come and participate, learn about new developments in the industry, and take in the world premiere of Whitey Bulger: The Making of a Monster.
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