NYT Review: Natural History Museum of Utah

We previously shared photographs from the opening of the Natural History Museum of Utah, which we produced media for over the past year. We have always been honored to be part of this project and were very excited to see such a positive review by the New York Times.
According to the New York Times, one of the most intriguing displays is the mystery of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. More that 12,000 fossil bones have been found in this 150-million-year-old lake bed near Cleveland, Utah, belonging to at least 70 animals. We produced a short documentary–using a visual style reminiscent of television detective shows–that explores four different scenarios of what happened through scenes with four paleontologists for this Cleveland-Lloyd exhibit.
The video NLP produced is shown on four monitors placed vertically in a v-shape at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Each scientist is assigned a different screen. The films begin with real-life scenes of each scientist collecting and analyzing evidence. But when the scientists start to describe what they imagined happened at Cleveland-Lloyd, the visuals become animated illustrations of each scenario. At the end of the video, visitors are invited to vote for which theory they think most likely to be true by putting a penny in a tube next to the screens.
We are very proud to have been part of this exciting new museum! Read the full review here and check out our production team below.
  • Director of Exhibits and Public Programs: Becky Menlove
  • Executive Producers: Bestor Cram, Tim Lay
  • Producer/Director: Kate Raisz
  • Editors: Harlan Reiniger, Andy Kukura
  • Animations:Victor Leshyk
  • Associate Producer: Michaela O’Brien
  • Camera/Sound: Scott Simper
  • Assistant Camera: Sara Mayer
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