The Future of Interactive Screens

Senseg, a developer of touchscreen technology, is developing a screen in which users can actually feel textures. No more mimicked interaction by having your smartphone vibrate. With this new technology, users will actually be able to feel 3D textures. From the roughness of a rock, to the contours of a shape, Senseg is bringing interaction to a whole new level.

When implemented into the design of an interactive exhibit, it opens up a whole new world of interactive film making. With these new screens, not only will you be stimulating your sense of sight and sound, but touch as well. Imagine, for example, you wipe away sand to reveal a video. But as you push the sand aside, you actually feel sand. Or perhaps your at a natural history museum. Aren’t you just dying to know what that dinosaur bone feels like? With a Senseg screen you will be able to, to a certain extent.

The possibilities are obviously endless. Adding a sense of feel to an interactive exhibit will heighten the users sensation, and create a more realistic experience and an overall better environment. Get ready for a whole new world of interaction at museum exhibits!

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